What is a tax grievance?

A tax grievance is the legal process for getting your property taxes reduced. 

What is an assessment?

Your assessment is the town's determination of your property value.  The amount you pay in taxes is based on your assessment.  The higher your assessment, the higher your taxes.

How can I find out if my property taxes are too high? 

Sign up with Lighthouse.  We will evaluate your case and tell you if you are paying too much.

Can filing a grievance cause my taxes to go up?

No.  Under no circumstances can your taxes be raised due to filing a grievance.  Your assessment can only go down or remain the same. 

Will anyone from the Assessor's Office come to my house?

No.  No one from the Assessor's Office will come to your home.

How does filing a grievance affect my STAR program or other tax exemptions I may have?

A grievance has no affect on your STAR program or any other exemptions for which you are qualified.  Your existing exemptions and future eligibility will be unaffected. 

What happens if I am denied?

In the event you are denied a reduction on your taxes, we will file an appeal on your behalf. 

What will it cost?

At Lighthouse, our commitment is to keep as much of your savings in your pocket.  That is why Lighthouse will only bill 40% of the first years savings on the portion of your property taxes resulting from a reduction in the assessment in most areas.  Compare that fee to our competitors who charge 50% in most areas.  In the event a usable appraisal cannot be provided, an appraisal fee may apply.  In the event an appeal becomes necessary, an additional $30.00 filing fee may apply.